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Elsewise Arts is a Toronto based visual narrative studio created by artist/writer Alora Cholette.

Alora works as a member of the Directors Guild of Canada as a Lead Illustrator, Assistant Art Director, and Storyboard Artist. They also work as an IATSE Scenic with training in traditional art forms including paint and sculpture. Notable shows they’ve worked on include Mrs. America, American Gods, and Alias Grace.

In addition to their work in production, Alora publishes a webcomic called To Whom Belong the Crossroads on Webtoon.


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An cost-effective tool, storyboards allow quick pre-vis turnaround and help to coordinate your final vision across departments. From sketches to full color illustrations, we offer storyboards in a wide range of styles to suit the needs of any production.


To Whom Belong the Crossroads

A nomadic witch, an elven bodyguard, and a cursed noble train at the world renowned ancient peacekeeping guild: The Waking Crossroads. Magical mystery, political intrigue, romance, and a flagrant disregard for genre convention await!

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